#30 – Andrew WK / Hoobastank – 11/1/03

This was still one of the odder pairings I’d seen in awhile.  Of course for me the only reason I would subject myself to this bill was for Andrew WK.  I don’t care alot for Die Trying and I sure as hell had no interest in Hoobastank at all.

Die Trying just didn’t do a whole lot for me.  They weren’t my favorite opener but they were atleast tolerable enough.

I should have paid better attention to my ticket stub.  In my mind I just figured there’s no way AWK wouldn’t be the headlining band.  Then I saw the keyboard get brought out and that really bummed me out and realized he wouldn’t be headlining like he should.  This was even more awesome this time around because atleast he got a little more time than what he got at Warped a few months back.  Its not just his slogan, when AWK plays everytime it really does feel like a party, everyone is getting onstage, he’s carrying kids around on his shoulders mid song, you get a little bit of everything with AWK.  Unfortunately this would prove to be the highlight of the evening, it would all go downhill after this.

Victory Strikes Again
It’s Time to Party
Take It Off
Girls Own Love
Ready to Die
Your Rules
She Is Beautiful
Never Let Down
Party Till You Puke
We Want Fun
Party Hard
I Get Wet

Somehow Hoobastank headlined.  Yes I realize that their big radio single probably sold more than the entire AWK discography but in 2003 I still thought AWK was a bigger name and Hoobastank didn’t release The Reason until another month after this performance.  The math just didn’t add up to me.  They were every bit as awful as I figured they would be.  They had already adopted their modern rock sound by this point and everything was just boring and bland.  The only thing I will admit to is that Out of Control song from that album was a good single.  Everything else is trash but I will still stand behind that song was a good radio single.  I felt like I was literally the only one on the floor who wasn’t jumping around and going crazy for Hoobastank.  I felt like I was listening to a totally different band than everyone else.  But of course I was not the one who drove so sometimes you just have to take the bullet for your friends. No idea what Hoobastank played outside of Out of Control & Crawling in the Dark.


#21 – Warped Tour ’03 – 6/24/03

I would say considering the time this was somewhat of a risk for me to go to, I really wasn’t that sure going into this. It was really not my type of music but I was going with several friends and it ended up being a lot better than what I ever could have imagined. Didn’t know a lot of the bands here but it worked out very well for me anyway. First band I remember seeing is a fairly cool band called Tsunami Bomb. Never even heard of them before, they were very fun. I don’t know if I would have enjoyed them as much several years later but at that time I really enjoyed them.

The next band I was looking forward to seeing was The Used. Going on my 3rd time seeing them I already knew exactly what to expect.  And just as they did before they still delivered a wonderful performance.  The biggest highlight was Bert stage diving of the huge stack of speakers and I actually got a pretty cool picture of him doing it. They were really good though and I even knew a lot more of their songs this time around. Definitely one of those bands I have since grown out of but I was a big Used fan back at this time.  This should be the set they played.

Maybe Memories
Pieces Mended
The Taste of Ink
Blue and Yellow
Buried Myself Alive
Say Days Ago

I was excited that Glassjaw was there. I saw them at Ozzfest the year before but that really wasn’t the right environment for Glassjaw.  Their music requires a little bit of thinking and Ozzfest is definitely not the place to have overly complex music.  Going on almost 15 years later and I’ve still yet to get to see Glassjaw again.  What I didn’t know about Warped prior to going was that every band has their own tent that they sell merch and will sign at.  I decided the line wasn’t super long for Glassjaw and I really wanted them to sign for me so I went ahead and got it line.  They signed my Warped program.  Not a whole lot of conversation, by no means were they rude, but they seemed nice enough.  This would not be my only signing of the afternoon.

Tip Your Bartender
Mu Empire
Ape Dos Mil
Pretty Lush
The Gillette Cavalcade of Sports
Cosmopolitan Bloodloss
Natural Born Farmer
Siberian Kiss

I’m kind of kicking myself for this next band,  I would love to be able to see Rancid again. After seeing Rancid I remember I was not impressed with them at all at the time but I was not anything close to calling myself a fan or anybody who even really knew their music, but now I’m atleast aware of some of their music and now I wouldn’t mind seeing them. Now I like almost all of those songs that they played.  Oh well, maybe sometime in the future.

Ruby Soho
Roots Radicals
Maxwell Murder
Journey to the End of the East Bay
Red Hot Moon
The Wars End
Fall Back Down
Dead Bodies
Listed M.I.A.
Time Bomb

Now I finally got to see the main reason for me going, I tried to hate him for a couple years and I couldn’t help it, I love Andrew WK. It’s probably the most fun music I have ever heard, I probably thought I was too cool and tried to not like it and I couldn’t do it!!!! He was the most entertaining person of the day without a doubt. They brought random kids on stage, and they were sitting on Andrew’s shoulders while he was performing. This was the most fun concert experience I have ever seen, sucks that he could only get half an hour but with Warped that is to be expected.

It’s Time to Party
Ready to Die
Don’t Stop Living in the Red
I Get Wet
She Is Beautiful
Party Hard

I had one goal going into Warped Tour and that was to wait in line to meet AWK. After probably 30-45 minutes of waiting in line I finally got to meet him. I was wondering why the lines were taking so long to move and when we got up there I figured out why.  AWK was not just signing his name, he was signing a paragraph on everyone’s programs.  On mine (and probably others too) he singed his paragraph on both of his legs on the Warped program.  Out of all the people I have met in my life, rather that be someone in a band or anybody else, I have never met anybody nicer and more gracious than AWK. Even more impressive he stopped for a moment from signing and stood up on his table and thanked everybody again for waiting and then told everybody that if it gets to be the end of the show and that if everybody didn’t have everything signed that they wanted by the time the show was over he would follow them out to the parking lot and sign everything until everyone was happy. Wow… just wow. I had never heard anything like that nor have I ever heard anything like that since. We also got a picture w/ his guitar player Jimmy Coup who had the definite look of a homeless guy and he was just awesome. He signed the program I heart AWK and signed his name. Finally it was our time in line; he thanked me and my friend for waiting in line for so long w/ it being so hot.  He also took a picture with us and signed his paragraph in my program.  It’s still one of my most prized autographs I’ve ever got in my times of going to concerts.  I fell in love with AWK that day and I have remained a fan to this day of everything that he does.  Wonderful Warped experience.  I would definitely return to Warped in the future.

Link to my Warped Tour album.