#12 – Stone Sour / Chevelle – 12/18/02


Honestly I might have been a little skeptical of this because I really didn’t know what to expect out of this show.  I enjoyed the first Stone Sour album but it wasn’t my absolute favorite and knowing that pretty much all of their first album would be played I was a little curious.  But I sure got shown by them. Evening started out good minus the standing outside in close to subzero temperatures freezing my ass off.  The long line I was in had a very smart person that found cardboard and we started a fire in line. That lasted all of about… 30-45 seconds, maybe a minute before a pissed off security guard stomped it out.  Still the first and only time I’ve been a part of that.

There was probably an opening band but again I either don’t remember or I was outside freezing my ass off in the cold.  Either way the direct support was Chevelle.  There’s not anything that Chevelle does that is overly flashy but in the early 00’s they wrote very catchy songs that made rock radio occasionally enjoyable at that time.  Very awesome set from Chevelle.  Playing all the good stuff off Wonder What’s Next while still getting some stuff off of their 1st album that they really don’t do anymore.  10 songs is the perfect Chevelle set length for my tastes.

Family System
Point #1
Comfortable Liar
The Red
Send the Pain Below
Grab Thy Hand
Wonder What’s Next

Finally Stone Sour time.  My 1 of 2 very minor complaints is I love Get Inside but why start off the set w/ that song.  That is a perfect set-closer, apparently they would finally take my advice several years later when I would see them again.  Outside of that and my continued hatred for the song Bother it was an amazing set.  Most of these songs that they don’t even do anymore which is a shame.  The majority of these songs are an upgrade over their other albums.  Oh well, still a hell of a set nonetheless.  I think this is a pretty accurate set of what they did. Not 100% accurate I’m sure but very close. Pretty freaking amazing show and to top it off that had girls from Centerfolds up there in Santa costumes.  Can’t go wrong with that.

Get Inside
Cold Reader
Take A Number
Blue Study
Idle Hands



#11 – Mudvayne / Taproot – 11/15/02


Considering the time, this was actually a pretty big bill for the time as both bands were coming off big albums at this time.  Don’t remember the opening band at all.  Next band was Taproot.  I don’t understand how after their first 2 albums they just fell off the map.  As far as radio rock bands, Taproot had a different sound that most other bands on the radio at that time.  This is a set that I would love to hear today.  I really kinda stopped following them after their Welcome album, but everything else after Welcome just really didn’t hold up in my opinion.  This is a set I found online that would probably be pretty close to what they played.

Mirror’s Reflection
Again & Again
Day By Day

First time getting to see a headlining Mudvayne set and it was quite a bit more enjoyable than having to see a headlining set from them 7-8 years later. I remember Chad came out and there was some kind of dead/shot Easter Bunny thing going on w/ their costumes on stage. Almost 15 years later and it still doesn’t make sense.  By ’02 they were already phasing out the face paint for when LD 50 came out.  This was a pretty sweet set.  A lot of the LD 50 songs from this set wouldn’t ever be played after this tour.  Same as Taproot, I really couldn’t get into Mudvayne after their first 2 albums, The End of All Things to Come. In 2002 this was a huge tour, and even cooler it came to Springfield.

The End Of All Things To Come
Internal Primates Forever
Not Falling
Death Blooms
Under My Skin
Nothing To Gein
Mercy, Severity


#10 – Mushroomhead – 11/9/02


Boy did this turn into quite the eventful trip.  The days of pre-GPS were definitely a more difficult time, especially for an 18 year old driver.  And that would factor in quite a bit into this show.

After quite a bit of online searching I found out that the opening band on this tour was a little known band from Southern California called Avenged Sevenfold.  They would go on to have a little bit of success in their career.  I don’t remember anything from their performance but this is a set I think alot of people would love to hear from A7X these days.  This should be an accurate set.

To End the Rapture
Turn the Other Way
We Come Out at Night
Second Heartbeat
An Epic of Time Wasted

As usual I go out to a show and Shadows Fall was the direct headline support.  And as usual I enjoyed them and didn’t remember a damn thing about what their set was outside of the usual assumption of a majority of playing The Art of Balance songs.

Finally it was headliner time. Mushroomhead had quite the interesting set. In keeping the spirit of the holidays they came back out for their encore wearing pumpkin head masks.  This was my favorite Mushroomhead set I got to see.  A lot of the tracks that they were still playing off of XX are tracks that don’t make it into their current sets anymore.  A lot of strobes lights and a lot of confetti used at the end of the show.  Me being the nerd I am kept the confetti and still have it to this day.  Definitely not the same band now but in early 00’s they were one of my favorite live acts.

Fear Held Dear
Before I Die
Never Let It Go
These Filthy Hands
Chancre Sore
Empty Spaces
Born of Desire


The most interesting part of the evening turned out to be the drive home.  Having not driven to Tulsa myself and being 18 years old were very large detriments to the trip back home.  After making a stop through Muskogee at 3 AM by a bar that looked like it had half the town attending I was incredibly anxious to get back home.  Eventually making it back home around 5 AM.

#9 – Hatebreed/Six Feet Under – 9/13/02


This was the best show top to bottom that Foxtown has ever put on in my time of going to shows out there.  Hatebreed/Six Feet Under/Shadows Fall would be a killer lineup today in a much larger venue let alone a tiny venue in SE Kansas in 2002.  There was probably an opening band but I have no knowledge of that.  Shadows Fall flat out toured their asses off and it felt like every few shows I went to they were there.  As usual with them I just cannot remember what all they played.  I’m sure it was probably heavy with Art of Balance songs.  Killer band, I still hold out hope they will be back together at some point.

Next up after that was Six Feet Under.  Holy shit, my first death metal experience.  My knowledge on anything really heavy was minimal at best.  Meshuggah was pretty heavy and of course having seen Hatebreed a few times was heavy but this was the heaviest band I had seen at this point.  I don’t remember absolutely loving it, I don’t remember absolutely hating it.  I was probably more curious about what I was hearing than anything else.  Of course I had no idea about what I was watching, I have no idea at all what they played but I think they played 4:20 which is a little bit different sounding than most SFU tracks which is how I probably managed to remember even anything from them playing.

Same thing with Hatebreed.  They also toured their asses off in the early 2000s as it felt like every few shows I was at they were always on the bill too.  They are still one of the most consistent bands in metal.  I just wish I could remember much from this show.  I was able to find a setlist online that I think is probably pretty close to what they played.  Such a killer set, this would be an awesome old school Hatebreed setlist to hear now.  Top to bottom just an awesome bill at Foxtown.

Remain Nameless
You’re Never Alone
Driven by Suffering
Raining Blood
Betrayed by Life
A Call for Blood
Smash Your Enemies
Empty Promises
Burn the Lies
Hollow Ground
Mark My Words
Healing to Suffer Again
Last Breath
Burial for the Living
Worlds Apart
Before Dishonor
I Will Be Heard

#8 – The Used/Apex Theory – 8/21/02


Found out about this off day not very long before Ozzfest. This turned out very well because of the fact that every band except one were bands I missed yesterday. Got there as The Used were hitting the stage and I enjoyed them quite a bit, it was nice getting to see them a little longer. Got to meet the whole band (I think) and got all of them to sign my stub. And yet again they were both very nice people. Sadly there music has gone dramatically downhill since their 1st album. Very cool getting to see them in a small environment. Fairly positive this is what they played:

Maybe Memories
Pieces Mended
The Taste of Ink
Just a Little
Blue and Yellow
A Box Full of Sharp Objects
Say Days Ago

Next band up was Lostprophets. Wasn’t a fan of them then and not much has changed. Crowd was dead outside of when they played Shinobi Dragon vs Warrior Ninja. Too bad years later everyone found out the piece of shit front man was a pedophile. Fuck him.

Surprisingly the highlight of the show was The Apex Theory. Very very odd-sounding band. Surprisingly with as big as SOAD got around that time I would have figured they would have been around a little longer. Sadly they did not. Really wishing I had got to see them the day before but at least I got to see them with a longer time and smaller crowd.  Apossibly is the only song I remember, although I’d be willing to bet they played Hope Diggy.

Really didn’t get to see much or any of Chevelle that I can remember. Wasn’t into them at that time and was probably still exhausted from the day before.

#7 – Ozzfest ’02 – 8/20/02


Alright!!! This would be the year I got my revenge on Ozzfest after that little down pour from last year. More extreme weather but this time along the lines of almost 100 degree heat. Got there a little late, to my recollection I missed: Pulse Ultra (YES!!!), Apex Theory, Chevelle, Lostprophets, & I was walking in as Ill Nino was playing (Dammit!!!). Still pretty sure this is what they played.

If You Still Hate Me
God Save Us
What Comes Around
I Am Loco

Easily the most eclectic 2nd stage lineup that Ozzfest ever had in the years that I went. I can’t remember the order of the non-rotating 2nd stage bands but I wouldn’t say I hated any of them. Unfortunately I would have gladly traded a few of the 2nd stage bands from the first leg for the bands that were here. Would have loved to have seen Flaw again, would have really liked to have seen Soil & even though I tried to hate him for the longest time I would have wanted to have seen Andrew WK there as well.

I saw a band called Sw1tched and remember really not much from them, I vaguely remember liking their first song and that was about it. They broke up several years ago anyway, not much to comment on.

Saw The Used before they went pop punk and were still somewhat tolerable. I enjoyed their set and I even bought their first CD after seeing not long after seeing them. Probably better suited for Warped Tour (which I would see the next year) not exactly a crowd favorite.  I’m pretty sure they did Maybe Memories & Box Full of Sharp Objects. It was  still something I found very tolerable.

As much as The Used were not a crowd favorite it seemed like Glassjaw got over a little bit better with the crowd, they had been around for a few years at that time and had a decent following. Albeit, I think their music might be a little bit over the head of average Ozzfest crowds. They definitely stuck out amongst all the other bands for sure. They were different but I really enjoyed them.  I’m positive of a couple of their songs that they played.

Tip Your Bartender
Siberian Kiss

Got my first experience of Mushroomhead and the were definitely a highlight on the day.  I can only imagine what it was like to play in those jumpsuits and masks/face paint.  Very good set from Mushroomhead.

Before I Die
Empty Spaces
Born of Desire

I also got to see Seether just as their debut came out and they were just on the verge of becoming big. This was the one and only album that I think Seether could have been able to play Ozzfest with as most of their later output would be more of a modern rock feel to it instead.  This is a really good set considering the time that they receive.

Fuck It

Finally got to see Otep. Not super familiar with them at this time but they were touring for their first full length and that was the best output of their careers.  Very good set from them for no longer than what they got.

Battle Ready
Blood Pigs

Hatebreed was one of the co-headliners of the 2nd stage. I don’t really remember them very well.  They are one of the more solid bands still going today.  You always know what you’re getting with Hatebreed and they don’t disappoint any time I’ve seen them.

Empty Promises
Burn the Lies
Betrayed by Life
A Call for Blood
Last Breath
Before Dishonor
I Will Be Heard

The biggest outlier in Ozzfest history was coming on next, this band was Meshuggah. I had never ever heard a band like this. They were THE HEAVIEST band I had ever heard. Sadly I knew maybe 1 song from them but I just couldn’t get over how heavy they were, and technical, and just not anything else like I had ever heard in my life.  I don’t even think they went over that great at Ozzfest.  I really think their music went over the head of the meathead Ozzfest crowd.  I don’t think I even knew what I was listening to at the time but years later they have become one of my favorite bands. I would give anything for them to bring Sickening back into their set.

New Millennium Cyanide Christ
Soul Burn
Future Breed Machine

Finally time for the Phil Anselmo-fronted Down. I unfortunately was unfamiliar with a lot of their material but their stuff was so slow in some spots and so heavy. I know that this was around the time Phil was having a lot of substance abuse issues and his in-between song banter reflected that. And in some ways it was pretty amusing. I believe it was before they did Bury Me In Smoke and someone through a joint on stage to Phil and then Phil asked for a lighter and it started raining lighters. I bet he had like 50 lighters thrown at him. That is my first memory of Down. It would be too long before I would get to see them again.

Ghosts Along the Mississippi
Lysergik Funeral Procession
Temptation’s Wings
The Seed
Bury Me in Smoke

Unfortunately due to the tragedy of Drowning Pool’s Dave Williams tragic death that meant no Drowning Pool and a 2nd stage band to open the mainstage. That opening band was Neurotica. They had a couple of songs that I really liked but it just wasn’t really working after Hatebreed/Meshuggah/Down.  To my knowledge I don’t even think they made it after this tour was over.

They were quickly off and then Black Label Society came on, and w/ a new love for BLS they ripped it up as they always do. This was still back from whenever BLS actually played alot of their good material. After this is where it began to have less than stellar acts for alot of the mainstage.

Demise of Sanity
Graveyard Disciples
Bleed for Me
13 Years of Grief

Next band up was Adema and I hope their label paid top dollar for them to be on this tour because it is rough having them play AFTER Black Label. I actually nodded off in my seat during Adema as the heat was getting to me. I do remember when they did “The Way You Like It” they brought out about 10 girls w/o shirts on so that was an easy way to get over with the crowd but frankly crowd was just not into them.

Freaking Out
Do What You Want to Do
Close Friends
The Way You Like It
Giving In

And then to prolong my misery more was P.O.D. Christian metal bands & Ozzfest just don’t really get along together. I can say they were still better than what I figured they would be.  The most uncomfortable part of the whole day was a normal looking family getting way too into the music when they played Alive.  Probably on a mission trip or something.  That visual will never leave my mind as hard as I’ve tried.

Set It Off
School of Hard Knocks
Youth of the Nation
The Messenjah

Right before he came out I first saw the preview to a scary movie called House of 1000 Corpses. I knew of it a little and also knew of the nightmare it was to release so I was very interested before Zombie even came out. He jumped right into “Demon Speeding” and he just continued to amaze which is why I always wanted to see Zombie after this. And this was my first experience getting to see the 8’ tall robot when he does “More Human Than Human”. Any time there is an 8’ tall robot I will always be sold after that. What I think I loved the most was his dry, sarcastic sense of humor. He was really cracking me up when it got towards the end of his set and Riggs was soloing and started into “Thunderkiss ‘65” only for Zombie to say something along the lines of “goddamit not that fucking song again”. Then Riggs stopped and Zombie commented more and then broke into the song. Funny ass stuff. Probably the best I’ve seen of Zombie out of the 7 or 8 times I’ve seen him.

Sinners Inc.
Demon Speeding
Super-Charger Heaven
Living Dead Girl
Never Gonna Stop (The Red, Red Kroovy)
More Human Than Human
Feel So Numb
Thunder Kiss ’65

At that time probably one of the biggest, if not the biggest metal band at that time was System Of A Down. Toxicity had just came out several months before that and it was probably one of the biggest albums of that year and that album just absolutely blew them up after that. They opened up w/ “Forest” and it was pretty much on after that. With such short songs they got to play quite a few. They had some very trippy video screen behind them, a lot of them w/ stuff on them my 18 year old mind wouldn’t comprehend anyway. Serj was quite the interesting dancer as well, not sure how to even describe his style. The stand out for me in their band w/o a doubt was Daron. I had heard the CD’s of theirs before but wow I did not know how good of a player he was until seeing him live. They still might be the most popular unorthodox band that ever got big. They had just an amazing set. Wished they could have played even longer. Makes me even sadder that this would more than likely be the first and only time that I ever got to see them live. I’m grateful for getting to see them but it still seemed too soon.

Jet Pilot
Deer Dance
Chop Suey!
Prison Song

And now time for the reason most of us are here. I finally got to see Ozz himself. I have never (and still never) seen a crowd so loving and warm to a show like everybody was for Ozzy. He played all the hits that one would expect and of course a few of the popular Sabbath songs as well. It was heart wrenching watching him do “Mama I’m Coming Home”. Sharon had just been diagnosed w/ cancer months before. Regardless of any feelings people can have for Sharon that is still his wife of 20+ years that was at home trying to get through chemo and he was still out there entertaining. I have the utmost respect for Ozzy for that reason. It’s never dull seeing Ozzy.  And I don’t ever take for granted the number of times I’ve seen him.  Legends don’t last forever.

I Don’t Know
War Pigs
That I Never Had
Mr. Crowley
Gets Me Through
No More Tears
Suicide Solution
Iron Man
I Don’t Want to Change the World
Road to Nowhere
Crazy Train

Mama, I’m Coming Home
Bark at the Moon

I was proud of myself for finally lasting a full Ozzfest. Easily the most eclectic lineup that Ozzfest has put out there. Definitely not the best Ozzfest I’ve been to.  And when you look at the full lineup it was probably one of the weaker ones.  Still got to be introduced to alot of cool bands and getting to see SOAD atleast the 1 time in my life was great.

#6 – Kittie/Shadows Fall – 7/17/02


Now onto day 2 of Foxfest out at Foxtown. I’m unsure of alot of the details from the show,  but I could swear I could remember that there was a band called Killswitch Engage that was supposed to open and their singer (Jesse Leach) had just quit recently and they had just dropped off the tour recently. I can’t remember if this really did happen but that seems to stick in my mind for some reason and the time frame would line up. That would have been cool to see such a huge band open up for 2 smaller bands at such a small venue.

Anyway I remember getting out to Foxtown pretty early and when I got there I believe it was either Mercedes or Morgan from Kittie that I got to briefly meet and get an autograph from. This was my first time getting to actually meet somebody in a band before and she was the nicest and very easy to talk to, even though I’m sure I probably said something stupid to her but she was nice and that is all that matters.  I believe I got autographs from 3/4 of the band.

First opener I vaguely recall was Poison the Well.  Didn’t know much of hardcore at that time and I’d be willing to bet that I didn’t dig them at the time.  I had a bigger appreciation for them a year or 2 later.  I hope again someday that I will have an opportunity to see them again.  Managed to find a setlist that should be pretty much what PTW played at this time.

Sticks and Stones Never Made Sense
To Mandate Heaven
Slice Paper Wrists
Parks and What You Meant to Me
Artist’s Rendering of Me

I had never heard of a band called Shadows Fall but when they left the stage I was never going to forget them again. And how could I? They were probably the heaviest band that I had ever heard at that time & then a singer w/ dreadlocks like 2-3’ long.  And then to make things even better, after the Shads set one of the people I was standing with in the crowd was talking to Brian and he seemed like a cool guy, joking around w/ us, very personable. Yet again I was 2 for 2 in meeting really great metal musicians.  No setlist available for the Shadows Fall this time.

Kittie came on after Shadows Fall. Wasn’t all that knowledgeable on Kittie at that time. I knew some of the popular stuff that they played from their Spit album & really didn’t know much off of their 2nd album but still found their set to be enjoyable. They were really good but after seeing Shadows Fall right before them, they proved to be much more enjoyable.  This should be pretty accurate of what they played on this night.

No Name
What I Always Wanted
Do You Think I’m a Whore
In Winter
Mouthful of Poison