#32 – A Perfect Circle – 12/11/03


This was another one of those instances where I’m glad I didn’t miss this show.  APC doesn’t tour very regularly and the few shows they do play is definitely not coming to Springfield again. This was the most loaded APC lineup in my opinion.  MJK w/ vocals, Josh Freese who is one of the finer drummers in rock & metal, James Iha formerly of the Smashing Pumpkins and Jeordie White who was formerly and now currently Twiggy Ramirez from Marilyn Manson. No idea who the opening band was, I want to say it might have been crappy modern rock band Silvertide, but I don’t remember nor is it relevant.

Pretty customary stage setup for APC as MJK stayed behind a curtain the whole night. I’m sure at that time I thought it was pretty cool but years later I feel the whole act is really played out.  He’s been doing the same thing for probably close to 20 years hiding in the shadows.  I just wish he would stand at the front of the stage like every other frontman.  I wish I could remember more from this show but the best part was MJK & James Iha when they were telling really bad jokes and Iha had some really bad Michael Jackson joke and it was hilarious and bordering on uncomfortable. That was the most memorable part that I will always take from this show. As far as their set goes I heard everything that I would have wanted to hear. Song of the night for me was finally getting to hear The Package, my all time favorite song. Just an absolutely amazing show. Would have been nice had they had a decent opening band but either way it was still an amazing show, years later and I’m still waiting for another opportunity to see them.  After seeing that they are somehow playing arenas now, the chances of getting to see them play a set that is only their first and second albums for $30 will not ever happen again. Their setlist as follows:

The Hollow
Weak and Powerless
The Package
3 Libras
The Nurse Who Loved Me
The Outsider
The Noose