#31 – Godsmack / Adema – 11/3/03

First time seeing a show at the Shrine in Springfield and it’s a pretty cool looking place on the outside. Inside more or less resembled a high school gym but still I had heard this place has quite the history of hosting huge shows in the early to mid 90s. Since it was ’03 Godsmack was still actually pretty hot, their Faceless album I still found to be a drop off just as it seems like their albums seem to do since their self-titled in the late 90s. Place was pretty packed. Don’t remember who the opening band was at all.

This would prove to be Adema’s last real big tour that they would do w/ their original lineup until almost 6 years later only to break up again and then several years later reunite again. From previous reviews I’ll just repeat the same comment, as a support band they are pretty tolerable.  They can play all their big hits without having to show how thin a good portion of their catalog is.  Not 100% sure of this set but I imagine this  would be a pretty accurate set.

Close Friends
Rip the Heart Out of Me
The Way You Like It
Freaking Out
Giving In

Moving onto our headliner. Even though the Faceless album was the last album that I even remotely enjoyed I will still say that out of all of the modern rock bands still around, Godsmack puts on one of the better live performances.  What I wasn’t expecting was Godsmack to have the best laser show of any show I had seen up to that point and it still one of the better laser shows I have ever seen.  The highlight of the show was the Batalla de los Tambores, Sully comes out on a 2nd drum kit and both drummers play at the same time and alternate.  I would still see Godsmack again if I got the chance.

Bad Religion
Batalla de los Tambores
I Stand Alone