#30 – Andrew WK / Hoobastank – 11/1/03

This was still one of the odder pairings I’d seen in awhile.  Of course for me the only reason I would subject myself to this bill was for Andrew WK.  I don’t care alot for Die Trying and I sure as hell had no interest in Hoobastank at all.

Die Trying just didn’t do a whole lot for me.  They weren’t my favorite opener but they were atleast tolerable enough.

I should have paid better attention to my ticket stub.  In my mind I just figured there’s no way AWK wouldn’t be the headlining band.  Then I saw the keyboard get brought out and that really bummed me out and realized he wouldn’t be headlining like he should.  This was even more awesome this time around because atleast he got a little more time than what he got at Warped a few months back.  Its not just his slogan, when AWK plays everytime it really does feel like a party, everyone is getting onstage, he’s carrying kids around on his shoulders mid song, you get a little bit of everything with AWK.  Unfortunately this would prove to be the highlight of the evening, it would all go downhill after this.

Victory Strikes Again
It’s Time to Party
Take It Off
Girls Own Love
Ready to Die
Your Rules
She Is Beautiful
Never Let Down
Party Till You Puke
We Want Fun
Party Hard
I Get Wet

Somehow Hoobastank headlined.  Yes I realize that their big radio single probably sold more than the entire AWK discography but in 2003 I still thought AWK was a bigger name and Hoobastank didn’t release The Reason until another month after this performance.  The math just didn’t add up to me.  They were every bit as awful as I figured they would be.  They had already adopted their modern rock sound by this point and everything was just boring and bland.  The only thing I will admit to is that Out of Control song from that album was a good single.  Everything else is trash but I will still stand behind that song was a good radio single.  I felt like I was literally the only one on the floor who wasn’t jumping around and going crazy for Hoobastank.  I felt like I was listening to a totally different band than everyone else.  But of course I was not the one who drove so sometimes you just have to take the bullet for your friends. No idea what Hoobastank played outside of Out of Control & Crawling in the Dark.