#29 – Slayer / Hatebreed – 10/11/03

Slayer playing Reign in Blood. Yep. Didn’t give going a 2nd thought. This is still one of the most excited feelings I’d ever had going into a show. Venue was at Memorial Hall which resembled the Memorial Hall in Joplin. Not located in the nicest area in KC. It was also the only other time I would visit this venue.

Opening band was called Hemlock and they were just annoying as shit.  Somehow against my better wishes I’ve found out that they are still touring.  I just don’t understand how or why.

Arch Enemy was the opening band (no I will not count Hemlock).  The crowd really didn’t get into them until they played Ravenous at the very end.  I was not super familiar with them either which still bothers me to this day as this was the one and only time I have seen them.  I loved all of the songs that they played on this tour.  Hopefully in the future I still might have a chance to see them again.  But I’m going on more than 14 years since this so I’m not holding my breathe.

Silent War
Heart of Darkness
We Will Rise
Dead Eyes See No Future
Dead Bury Their Dead

Next up was Hatebreed, crowd was alot more into them than Arch Enemy. They were still just as amazing as they were 6 days ago. Again, no idea on the set as it was changed around all the time on this and other tours. Nothing against Hatebreed but I had seen them several times and they are always solid and enjoyable, it was now finally time for SLAYER!!!!

Its really hard to describe the mood of the inside of that building during Arch Enemy & Hatebreed. But when Darkness of Christ came on the PA the mood of that whole floor took on such a darker feeling than any other show I’ve ever been apart of my entire life.  The crowd just feels different for Slayer than it does for any other band.  I can’t think of much of anything that they really seemed to miss or something else that I wanted to hear from them w/ the exception of playing Seasons In The Abyss but I would get that a couple more times after this so I wasn’t out much at the time. This is still in my top 4 or 5 of loudest shows I’ve ever been to in my lifetime. My ears rang for atleast 2-3 days after this show. Just amazing getting to hear Reign In Blood from beginning to end. This would definitely qualify as one of those life changing shows I’ve ever attended. I’m sure this will sound like blasphemy but I actually left like ¾ in to Raining Blood. I will say the electricity I felt when they were beginning to play Raining Blood and it is something I think everybody should witness atleast once in your life. But I left early because of the parking situation and the fact it is kind of a sketchy neighborhood. When we were going to walk back to my car, it was parked in an almost impossible situation, it was in like a fenced in basketball court and when I got out there I had cars literally everywhere around me, I just backed up and hoped for the best even though I was ready to bump someones car while backing up and hitting someone. And I hit nobody!!!! So proud of myself. Just typical for a Slayer show right? GOD HATES US ALL!

Darkness of Christ
War Ensemble
At Dawn They Sleep
Stain of Mind
God Send Death
Mandatory Suicide
Fight Till Death
Dead Skin Mask
Hell Awaits
South of Heaven
Angel Of Death
Piece By Piece
Altar Of Sacrifice
Jesus Saves
Criminally Insane
Raining Blood