#28 – Hatebreed / Madball – 10/6/03

One of my biggest regrets is I just flat out don’t remember anything from this show.  I’ve looked online for sets and videos and anything else that I could and I just can’t find anything else to help me with.  This lineup was absolutely stacked. Hate Eternal opened, followed by Terror, Madball & Hatebreed. 

Hate Eternal was definitely an odd choice as an opener. Don’t remember anything from them but I know I did definitely enjoy them. It’d be another 7 years before I’d see them again. 

From my foggy memory Terror was the highlight of the show for me. I immediately fell in love with them. My memory tells me I wouldn’t see Terror for another almost 8 years which is way too long. 

I’m sure Madball was cool. I don’t remember them at all but I have always enjoyed Madball and I’d see them several times after this. 

Hatebreed was Hatebreed. Always awesome. I’d see them opening for Slayer the next week in KC.