#27 – Taproot – 8/25/03

I’ll be totally up front and admit that I don’t really remember much from this show very well. I know the opening band was S.T.U.N. and I think I heard that they were on Warped either that summer or the summer before.  Not the type of band that really works very well opening for Taproot.  Don’t remember much about them, don’t think they stayed around the next year.

Band after was The Revolution Smile.  I remember even less about them than S.T.U.N.  I know I didn’t care for them at all and were very modern rockish.  Not anything else I can really say about them.

Taproot was still a whole lot of fun. They were still pretty hot from their latest album at that time. Unfortunately, this would be the last that I would ever see Taproot. Given, for the right price & right drive I would still see them to this day as they still play a lot of the older songs that I used to enjoy. Their first 2 albums were still quite unique.  They got radio rock play but still with a sound unique for the radio.  Everything after just felt like it was being made for radio.  Taproot is still releasing albums and occasional touring.

1 Nite Stand
Mirror’s Reflection
Again & Again
Day by Day

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