#26 – Seether – 7/31/03

Seether was actually a pretty big band by 2003.  I’m still pretty surprised that someone a band their size came to Foxtown.  Don’t have any idea who the openers were at all.  Judging by the ticket The Sound & The Fury were direct support for Seether.  They were big locally but I don’t think they ever really went any further than that.

Seether was Seether.  They were still touring for their first album so it was still a really enjoyable set.  They did all the things that I enjoy, opened with Gasoline, did the Nirvana cover, but they did throw one little special song.  I still don’t care for Broken as the closer but we got a special treat and Amy Lee came out and they did the song together.  Not sure if a ton of other stops got this but little old Foxtown still did.  Cool moment.

69 Tea
Driven Under
Your Bore
You Know You’re Right
Fine Again
Fuck It
Broken (W/ Amy Lee)

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