#25 – Adema / Ra – 7/27/03


From Metallica to Adema in only 2 nights.  Yea, still not sure if that was the best idea I’ve ever had.  I mean I was 19 so yea I guess that’s the best time to do it.  This show was just kinda meh to me.  But again if you just saw Metallica in front of 40,000 people in a dome and then went to see Adema in front of a few hundred people it’s really just difficult to see anything after that.  Ra was just as good as a few months ago.  They start out strong in their first half and then the 2nd half just isn’t a strong to me.  After their set I went and met Ra and got them to sign my stub.  Seemed like very nice guys.  Not sure whatever happened to them.

Do You Call My Name
Fallen Rock Zone

Even with another album out since I first saw them headline last year it still doesn’t feel like they have enough songs to be a headliner.  They had a few strong singles off of their first album and a few from the 2nd and that’s really about it.  Everything else just felt like filler.  Don’t remember anything else from this show.  I know that I was pretty exhausted after several hundred miles that I’d driven in the last couple of days.

Rip the Heart Out of Me
Let Go
Close Friends
Stressin’ Out
Blow It Away
The Way You Like It
Freaking Out
Giving In