#24 – Summer Sanitarium ’03 – 7/25/03

Right up until I went to Rockfest in 2008 this was the largest concert that I had ever been to.  I never got any exact numbers but I’m guessing it was between 35-40k people.  It was such a cool looking visual to see such a large building with that many in it.  We started out fairly high for Mudvayne & Deftones but ended up moving a lot closer as the evening went on.

Mudvayne opened things up and really didn’t do too bad of a job. I think they probably only got 30-35 minutes. I just don’t think they are the type of band that would do as well in front of that many people.  Yet they still probably played in front of 15-20k.  Cool of Metallica to put them on such a huge package tour.

Internal Primates Forever
Death Blooms
World So Cold
Not Falling

I was a huge Deftones fan coming into this show and there was very little positive about the Deftones on this evening atleast.  I also don’t think that this is the tour for the Deftones at all.  A lot of their slower, more electronic stuff just won’t crossover with the Metallica fanbase.  I know that 2003 wasn’t a very kind time to the band.  The performance definitely did not translate as well in such a huge location.  At this point Deftones were usually hit or miss and I think this might have been in their miss periods.  But I still wanted to give them another chance.

Change (In the House of Flies)
Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
My Own Summer (Shove It)
Engine No. 9

Now we are getting into the part of the concert that I was a little more unsure of.  Yea I was a fan of Hybrid Theory but everything else is hit and miss for me.  But I can say that I enjoyed this.  They played everything that I would’ve wanted to hear off either album.  They put on a super energetic show, they sound almost exactly like their albums.  This was the last I have seen of Linkin Park and based off their recent output I really believe I got out at a good time.  Set should be correct.

Don’t Stay
Somewhere I Belong
Lying From You
Points Of Authority
From The Inside
With You
By Myself
P5hng Me A*wy
In The End
A Place For My Head
One Step Closer

Now it was time for the most polarizing band on the tour with the most polarizing frontman of the last 90s/early 00s.  Before this show I talked a massive amount of shit on Limp Bizkit.  Even by 2003 LB had already began their downward slope.  I was expecting this to be awful.  I can say that this ended up being my favorite surprise of the entire show.  Atleast Limp Bizkit had enough self awareness to realize their Results May Vary album was absolute crap and only played their cover off  that album.  I’m sure alot of the old school Metallica fans were not fans of this but the crowd was just as involved for Limp Bizkit as they were for Metallica.  They played everything that they should have played with a few exceptions.  I’m glad I have no memory for them playing Thieves.  That was their worst ever idea they had for a cover, their Sanitarium cover wasn’t my favorite either & Behind Blue Eyes should have never been recorded.  3 out of 10 played were covers (yes Faith is a cover but they made it their own so I am not counting it), they really could have found some original stuff they could’ve played on their own instead.  My apologies to LB & Red Cap.  I really enjoyed their set.  I wished that I’ve had a chance to see them again since this.

Hot Dog
My Generation
Break Stuff
My Way
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Behind Blue Eyes
Take A Look Around

No introduction needed.  This was as excited as I have been for anyone I’d ever seen to this point.  Having never seen Metallica before I knew about them coming out to the Ecstasy of Gold but holy shit until you have actually been in a stadium of 35-40k people with lighters and chanting to that intro with clips of the movie being shown you do not know what electricity is.  That was electricity that I have never ever been a witness to in my life.  Then to start out with Battery and then follow it up with 4 more killers right after was a perfect way to start.  They still got a couple of St. Anger tracks in there as well, I’m no fan but Frantic and St. Anger are good enough songs for them to play off of it and the crowd was still behind them as well.  Fuel, Nothing Else Matters & Sandman were the only tracks I could do without.  But we all know that NEM & Sandman are never ever going anywhere so those are songs I just have to learn to live with.  They even threw in No Remorse which is quite the surprise.  Everything was top notch.  Anyone who enjoys any type of hard music need to see Metallica atleast once in their life.  Nobody puts on a better show.

Master Of Puppets
Harvester Of Sorrow
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Sad But True
St. Anger
No Remorse
Seek & Destroy

Nothing Else Matters
Creeping Death

Enter Sandman