#23 – Ozzfest ’03 – 7/17/03

Well for the first time I had to travel outside of KC to go to Ozzfest. Thank you KC for not scheduling it for some unknown reason that year. Figured I would get there in time to not miss anything but sadly enough that didn’t really work out but still I didn’t miss a whole lot. Only band we missed was Memento and that’s not missing much. Got there for a band called Hotwire, not impressive, I don’t think they lasted the rest of the year after Ozzfest.

Then got my first experience for Killswitch Engage, I just heard a little bit of their stuff w/ Jesse and only thing I heard w/ Howard was them re-recording Fixation On The Darkness. I absolutely loved them, Adam D I believe was wearing some sort of cape and because it was already hot, he had a beer dispensing helmet on but surprisingly it just had water in it. They were one of the bands I was most looking forward to and they did not disappoint.

Numbered Days
Life to Lifeless
To the Sons of Man
Fixation on the Darkness
My Last Serenade

Next band up was Twisted Method, they were a lot of fun. Not a ton of substance but a lot of nu-metal fun.  The theme for alot of the bands on this year’s edition was they wouldn’t last much longer after Ozzfest.  Twisted Method was no different.  Lots of but not a style that would last much longer.

The End

Up next after was Shadows Fall and they were just as amazing as the last few times I’d seen them. Really awesome to see a band starting out playing as support at Foxtown City Limits for a few hundred people, only to see them on the biggest metal festival in the country.  Playing for several thousand people.  The future would only continue to get brighter for Shadows Fall after this (for a few years atleast).

Idle Hands
The Idiot Box
Stepping Outside the Circle
Thoughts Without Words
Destroyer of Senses

It was break time after this, wasn’t interested in Unloco, Depswa, The Revolution Smile, Endo & Nothingface. However I would find out very shortly that it was incredibly stupid missing out on Nothingface as I will never get to see them ever again, they are one of the few bands from this time period I’ve always enjoyed and never got to see.  Did find set for Nothingface.

Here Come the Butchers
Murder Is Masturbation

In between some of those other bands we decided on top of it being a good way to cool off in A/C we went to the exhibit that was owned by Jonathan Davis that had some pretty sweet music memorabilia like the final setlist from Nirvana and I think also some old Nirvana & some early Korn stuff as well, and serial killer memorabilia as well, it was pretty crazy to see but still it was very cool at the same time.  Blacktop in July in St. Louis is a killer.

I was pretty excited about this next band up and that was Sworn Enemy. I wasn’t a hardcore expert and just really beginning to get into it and Sworn Enemy was my first hardcore band I became interested in outside of Hatebreed. I loved their first major label album that they came out with and they were one of the 2nd stage bands I was most excited about and they didn’t let me down, they were absolutely great.

One Way Trip
As Real as It Gets
Sworn Enemy

Speaking of bands that were a year or 2 late on the nu-metal bandwagon was Grade 8, even though they were somewhat hated on I absolutely loved them, and the one album they put out I even thought it was a good album. I really enjoyed their performance even though I might have been in the minority at that time.  Don’t think they really did much after this tour but I still enjoyed them.

Deal With It
Empire Falls
One Wish
Brick by Brick

The most awkward part of the day was Motograter, I was really looking forward to seeing them, out of all the Ozzfest’s I’ve been to this is the only time a band has missed or practically missed their whole set. Motograter was pretty much done right after Ozzfest anyway, when they did finally come out Ivan said something I can’t remember and they played one song and left after that. This probably began my bias against Ivan Moody.  But over the years he would make it even easier for me to not like him.  This was definitely the beginning of the end for this band.

It was finally time for the 2nd stage headliners. First up was Voivod, I didn’t know a damn thing about them outside of the fact Jason Newstead was in their band at that time. I wished I would have done more homework on them at the time, they are an important band in the underground metal scene and even more so was the only time I would have had to see Piggy before he died a few years later. I really was not all that impressed with Voivod at that time but if I would have read more I should have atleast stayed and given them a chance. I’d still like to see them if the opportunity came up.

Rebel Robot
Gasmask Revival
Tribal Convictions
Facing Up
Blame Us
Astronomy Domine

And finally to close out the 2nd stage was Cradle of Filth. Wow there was all kinds of shit going on stage with them. This was my first black metal(ish) band I’d ever seen. I didn’t really know anything that they played but wow was it entertaining. They had girls climbing up on this cloth material that would spin them around when they dropped from the top of the stage, just all kinds of stuff going on. Even more impressive was the entire band was still in full leather costumes and makeup. The only person was the drummer who was not in full costume, he had his shirt off but still had leather pants on still. It was still ungodly hot. Was not as well versed on COF musically.  I would definitely like to see them again.  They’ve gone downhill a little bit since then.  This would have been one of the better times to ever see them live.  Time to walk to main stage. 2nd stage for the most part was enjoyable, saw everybody I wanted to see w/ the exception of Nothingface. Still kick myself to this day about it but I loved everybody else I saw.

A Bruise Upon the Silent Moon
The Promise of Fever
Cthulhu Dawn
Dusk and Her Embrace
Her Ghost in the Fog
Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids
The Forest Whispers My Name

Time for a semi-lackluster main stage. The most positive thing was the indie rock/hipster/garage/crap band The Datsuns were scheduled on a few of the Ozzfest dates and St. Louis was not one of them, thank god!!!!

I think I might have just been Chevelle’d out by this point. This was the 4th time I’d seen them in the last year and a half and they’d only put out 1 new album in that time period.  I’d seen most of those songs multiple times by then.  Nothing against them, I just needed a Chevelle break.

Family System
The Red
Comfortable Liar
Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)
Until You’re Reformed
Send the Pain Below
Wonder What’s Next

Finally after what seemed like forever it was finally time. The only buzz kill was having to see Manson when it was still daylight out. I was still going crazy the whole set, I loved the Golden Age Of Grotesque album and obviously the set was heavily from the new album which I was great with. I also loved the upright bass that Tim Skold had going on as well. I am a sucker for the upright bass even if it’s considered unnecessary. When Manson did Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag he brought several girls on stage to play drums, even though we were a little way away it atleast looked like the girls were pretty much naked on stage or what they were wearing was flesh covered. Either way it was fantastic and it might be the catchiest song he has ever done. Would have loved to maybe have heard some other tracks from Antichrist Superstar or Portrait although I really didn’t figure I’d get too much of any of those anyway. It was everything I was hoping for. I would have loved for the set to be longer but that’s OK I still knew it wouldn’t be as long as what I would hope for but it was still a great experience and my whole night was already made by that point anyway.

This Is the New Shit
Disposable Teens
Use Your Fist and Not Your Mouth
Rock Is Dead
The Dope Show
The Golden Age of Grotesque
Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
The Fight Song
Beautiful People

I understand that record sales is how these type of decisions are made but man that was a downer going from seeing Manson and then have to see Disturbed after him.  By the time their 2nd album was out I was already starting to get off the Disturbed bandwagon.  I still say that their first album had some good songs.  Everything after that just wasn’t as interesting to me and had less quality songs each time a new album came out.  I’m sure Disturbed wasn’t awful but I wore myself out so much for Manson I just wasn’t feeling them.

The Game
Down With the Sickness

I was also pretty damn excited for Korn as well. Found it odd for them to open up with Blind as it is usually the way they close out all of their sets but it was still cool for someone who hadn’t ever seen Korn before. A lot of their set was primarily their singles.  Having never seen them it was alright with me.  They also played Did My Time off their yet to be new album and the song still went over real well.  The highlight of their set was them doing Faget, definitely was unexpected when you look at everything else they played.  My only complaint was them closing with Somebody Someone, never liked that song.  Didn’t think it works in the set, let alone as the closing song.  But either way it was really awesome and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Here is their set.

Got the Life
Falling Away From Me
Here to Stay
Did My Time
Shoots and Ladders
Freak on a Leash
Somebody Someone

It was time for the legend himself, and this time he came loaded with his biggest lineup that he has ever had in his solo career.  Zakk was still playing all guitar, Mike Bordin was still behind drums, and Jason Newstead was the touring bass player for Ozzy at that time.  Robert Truijio just got a new gig a few months before that with another band known as Metallica.  Set wise it was just about the same as it was the year before.  But you always know what you’re getting with Ozzy.  He doesn’t deviate from his sets a whole lot.  But for someone who’s been doing it as long I don’t feel Ozzy should be judged as critically as anyone else.

War Pigs
Mr. Crowley
I Don’t Know
Flying High Again
Goodbye to Romance
Iron Man
Sweet Leaf
Children of the Grave
Suicide Solution
I Don’t Want to Change the World
Road to Nowhere
Crazy Train

Mama I’m Coming Home

2 Ozzfests in a row now.  Had a wonderful time.  Probably better if I didn’t have to go to St. Louis but a wonderful day was had by all.