#22 – Powerman 5000 – 7/3/03

After 2.5 years I finally get my first free concert.  Thanks to an ex-girlfriends brother winning tickets on the radio I reaped all the benefits.  I had been a PM5K fan for several years.  I would have loved seeing them more during the Tonight the Stars Revolt tour cycle but Transform would still end up being a really solid album.

First band (that I remember) was Shinedown.  This would be the only time that I did anything remotely close to tolerating watching Shinedown.  I guess their first album wasn’t as terrible as everything else that they ever released.  I didn’t love them but unlike every other time I didn’t hate them.  This should be what was played.

Crying Out
No More Love
Stranger Inside
Left Out
Better Version
In Memory
Fly From the Inside

PM5K were everything that I hoped for and more, they played everything off their Stars album and Transform I could ask for. The best part was they even did Car Crash off their very amazing Blood Splat Rating System album, I would have absolutely lost it had they did Neckbone but it was still amazing and considering they don’t really do a damn thing off that album anymore I’m even more grateful for that reason. Crowd was super into it the whole night, sadly the venue size would gradually decrease each time I have seen them but I still love them and enjoyed them just as much as the several hundred people that were here for this show or even the sad 30-40 people the last time I saw them and I will continue to see them as long as they are still out touring. Easily the best PM5K set I will see, even 1 more song from Blood Splat Rating System would have put it completely over the top but it was still amazing, I am fairly sure of the accuracy of this set.

An Eye Is Upon You
Supernova Goes Pop
Tonight The Stars Revolt!
I Knew It
System 11:11
Nobody’s Real
Top Of The World
Theme To A Fake Revolution
Hey, That’s Right

Car Crash
When Worlds Collide