#19 – Seether – 5/13/03

I don’t normally make it a habit to leave a show early, let alone before the headliner but I had very good reason for this show. This was a show of firsts for me. First time leaving before the headliner and the first time I actually called in sick to work to go to a concert…sorry Home Depot!!! Opener was Smile Empty Soul… shit they are horrible. I didn’t know a single song other than the Bottom of the Bottle song that everyone knows from them.  They were just another one of those meh post grunge bands from the early 00’s.  I’ve seen that they have come to Joplin to play shows over the last few years.  That should say all that needs to be said about them.

My reason for finally coming was Seether. That first album just continued to grow on me and even to this day I still think that it’s a great album. Love when they open with Gasoline, a great opening riff & great song to get the set started. They seemed to have got away from some of their aggressiveness that they had from this first album but it’s still a really good hard rock album. The BIGGEST highlight of the night was them doing You Know You’re Right Nirvana cover. I loved that song when it came out and of course this would be the only way I would ever hear it is from another band. I still remember my excitement; I remember hearing the first few notes and thinking that maybe what I was hearing was correct. This was in my pre-setlist-finding days and I knew nothing of what was going to be played from them and it was pure excitement for me. After they were done there was nothing that could have topped that for me. 10 minutes after Seether was done I got the hell out of there. I knew I would hate Trapt and I was probably right so I just left, allowing the Nirvana cover being my final memory and not having to see Trapt. This is not an exact set but since they were only touring off their first album I’m sure it’s more correct than not:

Fade Away
Your Bore
Driven Under
69 Tea
Fuck It
Fine Again
You Know You’re Right (Nirvana Cover)