#18 – Cold / Finger 11 – 5/11/03

Opening band was a band called Depswa.  They were definitely not my type of thing but when you look at the bill they definitely fit in.  They were sorta big for a minute and even wound up on Ozzfest of that year somehow, then broke up, reunited, released another album then went on the always popular indefinite hiatus.

Next up was me having to sit (stand) through Finger Eleven again and they weren’t any better now than they were a month prior with Sevendust.  Luckily I am now going on 14 years and counting of not ever having to see Finger Eleven and I hope that streak continues.  Still found a set for them.  No idea the accuracy.

Absent Elements
Sad Exchange
Complicated Questions
Good Times
First Time

Cold was a lot better than the first time I tried to see them. Although about 20 degrees difference and being dressed better will do that to a person to make it better. Really awesome set, I wished I had a better appreciation for their s/t album then as I do know.  They don’t really do much off of it anymore.  Coolest part of the night was them playing End of the World accoustic to start off their encore.  I always hoped they’d release a studio version of that song.  Not much else that stands out from this show in my mind.  here’s their set.

Go Away
Don’t Belong
No One
Send in the Clowns
Rain Song
Gone Away
Stupid Girl

End of the World – Acoustic
Just Got Wicked