#17 – Ministry / Lollipop Lust Kill – 4/15/03


My first Ministry experience was with their FornicaTour (they always managed to come up with the best tour names).  Nothingface was actually scheduled to be on this tour.  I know that their name was printed on the flyer (then blacked out) but they were already off the tour by the time it was showtime.  Which is a shame.  That was a band I really enjoyed and I never did get to see them and with their singers untimely passing in ’17 there will never be another opportunity to see them.  Due to having to run around all of Springfield just to get my ticket I was running late and ended up getting there as an opening band known as Motograter was finishing off their very last song.  This should have been a sign that me and Motograter were just not meant to be as something similar would happen months later with me trying to see them on Ozzfest.

Lollipop Lust Kill was after them.  Didn’t know anything about them then and I know they didn’t last much more than a year after this tour, breaking up in the summer of 2004.  I don’t remember much from them but I know that I enjoyed them on this tour.  Shame nothing else came of them.

Finally after what seemed like forever of set changes Ministry was finally out.  In a tiny place they managed to set up a video screen and actually had 2 drum kits on stage.  Wow, never heard anything as loud as what I heard that night. Unfortunately my knowledge of Ministry consisted of their big hits off of Psalm 69 album & then whatever songs on their newest album @ that time.  But wow were they amazing.  This ended up being memorable unfortunately for another way.  I think it was during So What, someone actually went on stage and tried to go after all.  That did not go down very well for the person who did so.  After screaming several obscenities at this person he finished the song but from what I remember the set was cut very short after that.  I don’t blame all of it on this person but I can’t help but think this incident helped keep Ministry out of Springfield when, from what I heard, they had been there several times previous to this date. Although the fact they got bigger after this album might have had a little to do with it too.  After seeing alot of the current day Ministry sets this is a set I would love to hear again.  A very memorable first time getting to see Ministry.  Something I will not ever forget.

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Dead Guy
Filth Pig
Bad Blood
Psalm 69
Supermanic Soul
Just One Fix
Jesus Built My Hotrod

We Believe
So What