#16 – Sevendust / Finger Eleven – 4/9/03


Well for the first time this might have been the first biased show that I can remember. I’ve already stated my hatred for Remington’s. There No camera policy is just absolute crap. Tried to sneak in a disposable camera that still had pics from Papa Roach/Nonpoint show from a few days before. The bitches grabbed my camera and threw it in a box by the door. I was pissed for quite awhile after that. Finger Eleven was the opening band and they just absolutely blew. More FM radio crap, from what I read I thought that they would be better than what they were. I was wrong… they just blew. No other way to say it, I was in a crap mood so that probably didn’t help either but oh well.  Years later I can still admit that Finger Eleven made awful music.

I actually had my hopes up quite a bit for Project 86. Surprisingly enough I probably ended up enjoying them more than I did for Sevendust (more on them in a moment).  They were also touring for what was the only album that I really ended up caring for a whole lot which was Truthless Heroes.

Stein’s Theme
One-Armed Man (Play On)
Me Against Me
Little Green Men
Team Black
Your Heroes Are Dead
Another Boredom Movement
Last Meal
Hollow Again

Even when Sevendust came on I really wasn’t all that impressed w/ them either which really surprises me because of the fact they were still touring on the Animosity album.  I enjoyed the previous 2 albums but from my foggy memory it just seemed like they didn’t play a ton of their more uptempo songs.  A lot of what they played just didn’t feel like they translated as well live.  I still remember Black & Prayer got everybody moving but overall it just felt like it fell flat.  This performance turned me off of Sevendust for awhile but this must have just been an off day or something because the other times I would see them after were just as awesome as every other time I saw them.  My story would atleast have a happy ending and I stole my disposable camera back as I was walking out, all’s well that ends well I suppose.  I found a set that seems similar to what Sevendust played that night.  I know they played more than this but this is atleast a step in the right direction as to what they played.

Xmas Day
Live Again
Angel’s Son