#14 – Ra – 3/21/03

This is a show that I always forget about.  I always thought that Ministry the following month was my first show at the Juke Joint.  But I forgot that I decided to take an ex girlfriend to this show on a whim.  So Ra was really my first show instead.  I really don’t think I even knew very much of Ra going into this show at all.  I knew that the band before Ra was called Manmade God.  I remembered not hating them.  I don’t think they were ever heard from after this however.

Ra was next and they had a few songs that were decent enough at the time but not really much else I really enjoyed.  So of course they decide to open the show with 2 songs out of the first 3 so the rest of the show was really incredibly unenjoyable after.  I may have actually left before the show was over but honestly I just flat out don’t remember.  Thanks to diehards online I managed to find what is probably the set they played.

Do You Call My Name
Fallen Rock Zone
On My Side
I Believe
High Sensitivity
Walking and Thinking