#15 – Papa Roach / Nonpoint – 4/5/03

I should have known better than to buy tickets the day of the show.  I still remember this very clearly that I ended up paying a few more dollars for the tickets at the door and dude didn’t even give me change back.  Dammit!!!  Anyway for all that I could see I’m pretty sure this show sold out or was pretty damn close to it if nothing else.  From doing some looking online the opening band was a band called Reach 454 which I don’t really remember much of but I remember actually enjoying them.  I’m pretty sure they are no longer together.  The band after that was a band called Die Trying.  I very vaguely remember them being kinda pop punky which has never been my thing.  Don’t think they are around anymore but I know they used to pop up as opening band on a few shows I went to.  I know they had a semi big radio song but don’t think they really did much after 2003.

This was my first time really getting to see Nonpoint as I don’t really remember them from Ozzfest a few years before. They were definitely energetic and played a very solid set.  I was not a fan of their album after Statement but luckily I don’t think they did much off of that album even though that was what they toured behind.  They are still together and even though they haven’t done any rooms or tours like they were in the early 2000s they have still managed to continue touring and continuing releasing albums which is alot more than I can say for bands who came from that early 2000s nu-metal era.

Excessive Reaction
Back Up
The Truth
Your Signs
What a Day

By 2003 I was pretty much off the Papa Roach bandwagon at that point.  Of course Infest was huge for them but the lovehatetragedy album was quite a departure from Infest.  Of course my taste in music had changed quite a bit in the last couple years too.  This was still a set I enjoyed and I would even enjoy this set now.  It’s just all their other albums after this were just not my thing.  But since they were part of my first ever concert I still feel like I will always give them the benefit of the doubt.  Really cool to see a band that went on to get as big as them managed to play out at Foxtown on their way up.  This is what I’m positive they played but I know that they probably played atleast 5-6 songs more, they were probably newer songs off lovehatetragedy and I am just not as familiar with those.

She Loves Me Not
Between Angels and Insects
Time and Time Again
Broken Home
Dead Cell
M-80 (Explosive Energy Movement)
Last Resort