#13 – Chevelle – 2/26/03


Probably not on my list of shows that I would have went to had it been any further but hell for a trip to Pittsburg I wouldn’t be passing this up.  The night started out not so bad w/ the exception of standing out in the cold for damn near an hour.  Took forever for anyone to play when we got there.  Opening band was supposed to be Pulse Ultra, not sure what happened to them but they ended up not playing.  I am now 2 for 2 in missing them in my lifetime.  They never did much for me anyway so not anything that I was too bummed about outside of having to stand around even longer once I finally got inside.

Sadly the night took a turn for the worse after this….30 Seconds To Mars.  I tried to atleast give them a chance…and they definitely did nothing for me. Somehow they managed to get really huge a few years after they came to Pittsburg.  I still don’t understand the draw outside of having a lead singer who was already famous before he started his band.  Jared Leto in Fight Club?  Good.  Jared Leto in his band?  All bad.  Pulse Ultra probably would have been an upgrade.  Oh well.  I’d never have to see them again almost 15+ years later.  Count my blessings.  This was the set I found for them online.

The Struggle
End of the Beginning
The Mission
Edge of the Earth
Buddha for Mary
Capricorn (A Brand New Name)

Finally it was time for Chevelle to come out.  They felt like a breathe of fresh air after having the opening band drop and then having to deal with 30 Seconds to Mars for 35-40 minutes.  Just as solid of a set as the last time I saw them 2 months ago in Springfield.  This was the last time I would be seeing them while touring for Wonder What’s Next as they would release their next album later on in the year and thus enjoying their sets a little bit less as they years go.  I’m still a big fan of the early 2000’s Chevelle.  Solid set.

Family System
Send the Pain Below
Point #1
Grab Thy Hand
Comfortable Liar
Don’t Fake This
The Red
It’s No Good
Wonder What’s Next