#12 – Stone Sour / Chevelle – 12/18/02


Honestly I might have been a little skeptical of this because I really didn’t know what to expect out of this show.  I enjoyed the first Stone Sour album but it wasn’t my absolute favorite and knowing that pretty much all of their first album would be played I was a little curious.  But I sure got shown by them. Evening started out good minus the standing outside in close to subzero temperatures freezing my ass off.  The long line I was in had a very smart person that found cardboard and we started a fire in line. That lasted all of about… 30-45 seconds, maybe a minute before a pissed off security guard stomped it out.  Still the first and only time I’ve been a part of that.

There was probably an opening band but again I either don’t remember or I was outside freezing my ass off in the cold.  Either way the direct support was Chevelle.  There’s not anything that Chevelle does that is overly flashy but in the early 00’s they wrote very catchy songs that made rock radio occasionally enjoyable at that time.  Very awesome set from Chevelle.  Playing all the good stuff off Wonder What’s Next while still getting some stuff off of their 1st album that they really don’t do anymore.  10 songs is the perfect Chevelle set length for my tastes.

Family System
Point #1
Comfortable Liar
The Red
Send the Pain Below
Grab Thy Hand
Wonder What’s Next

Finally Stone Sour time.  My 1 of 2 very minor complaints is I love Get Inside but why start off the set w/ that song.  That is a perfect set-closer, apparently they would finally take my advice several years later when I would see them again.  Outside of that and my continued hatred for the song Bother it was an amazing set.  Most of these songs that they don’t even do anymore which is a shame.  The majority of these songs are an upgrade over their other albums.  Oh well, still a hell of a set nonetheless.  I think this is a pretty accurate set of what they did. Not 100% accurate I’m sure but very close. Pretty freaking amazing show and to top it off that had girls from Centerfolds up there in Santa costumes.  Can’t go wrong with that.

Get Inside
Cold Reader
Take A Number
Blue Study
Idle Hands