#11 – Mudvayne / Taproot – 11/15/02


Considering the time, this was actually a pretty big bill for the time as both bands were coming off big albums at this time.  Don’t remember the opening band at all.  Next band was Taproot.  I don’t understand how after their first 2 albums they just fell off the map.  As far as radio rock bands, Taproot had a different sound that most other bands on the radio at that time.  This is a set that I would love to hear today.  I really kinda stopped following them after their Welcome album, but everything else after Welcome just really didn’t hold up in my opinion.  This is a set I found online that would probably be pretty close to what they played.

Mirror’s Reflection
Again & Again
Day By Day

First time getting to see a headlining Mudvayne set and it was quite a bit more enjoyable than having to see a headlining set from them 7-8 years later. I remember Chad came out and there was some kind of dead/shot Easter Bunny thing going on w/ their costumes on stage. Almost 15 years later and it still doesn’t make sense.  By ’02 they were already phasing out the face paint for when LD 50 came out.  This was a pretty sweet set.  A lot of the LD 50 songs from this set wouldn’t ever be played after this tour.  Same as Taproot, I really couldn’t get into Mudvayne after their first 2 albums, The End of All Things to Come. In 2002 this was a huge tour, and even cooler it came to Springfield.

The End Of All Things To Come
Internal Primates Forever
Not Falling
Death Blooms
Under My Skin
Nothing To Gein
Mercy, Severity