#8 – The Used/Apex Theory – 8/21/02


Found out about this off day not very long before Ozzfest. This turned out very well because of the fact that every band except one were bands I missed yesterday. Got there as The Used were hitting the stage and I enjoyed them quite a bit, it was nice getting to see them a little longer. Got to meet the whole band (I think) and got all of them to sign my stub. And yet again they were both very nice people. Sadly there music has gone dramatically downhill since their 1st album. Very cool getting to see them in a small environment. Fairly positive this is what they played:

Maybe Memories
Pieces Mended
The Taste of Ink
Just a Little
Blue and Yellow
A Box Full of Sharp Objects
Say Days Ago

Next band up was Lostprophets. Wasn’t a fan of them then and not much has changed. Crowd was dead outside of when they played Shinobi Dragon vs Warrior Ninja. Too bad years later everyone found out the piece of shit front man was a pedophile. Fuck him.

Surprisingly the highlight of the show was The Apex Theory. Very very odd-sounding band. Surprisingly with as big as SOAD got around that time I would have figured they would have been around a little longer. Sadly they did not. Really wishing I had got to see them the day before but at least I got to see them with a longer time and smaller crowd.  Apossibly is the only song I remember, although I’d be willing to bet they played Hope Diggy.

Really didn’t get to see much or any of Chevelle that I can remember. Wasn’t into them at that time and was probably still exhausted from the day before.