#6 – Kittie/Shadows Fall – 7/17/02


Now onto day 2 of Foxfest out at Foxtown. I’m unsure of alot of the details from the show,  but I could swear I could remember that there was a band called Killswitch Engage that was supposed to open and their singer (Jesse Leach) had just quit recently and they had just dropped off the tour recently. I can’t remember if this really did happen but that seems to stick in my mind for some reason and the time frame would line up. That would have been cool to see such a huge band open up for 2 smaller bands at such a small venue.

Anyway I remember getting out to Foxtown pretty early and when I got there I believe it was either Mercedes or Morgan from Kittie that I got to briefly meet and get an autograph from. This was my first time getting to actually meet somebody in a band before and she was the nicest and very easy to talk to, even though I’m sure I probably said something stupid to her but she was nice and that is all that matters.  I believe I got autographs from 3/4 of the band.

First opener I vaguely recall was Poison the Well.  Didn’t know much of hardcore at that time and I’d be willing to bet that I didn’t dig them at the time.  I had a bigger appreciation for them a year or 2 later.  I hope again someday that I will have an opportunity to see them again.  Managed to find a setlist that should be pretty much what PTW played at this time.

Sticks and Stones Never Made Sense
To Mandate Heaven
Slice Paper Wrists
Parks and What You Meant to Me
Artist’s Rendering of Me

I had never heard of a band called Shadows Fall but when they left the stage I was never going to forget them again. And how could I? They were probably the heaviest band that I had ever heard at that time & then a singer w/ dreadlocks like 2-3’ long.  And then to make things even better, after the Shads set one of the people I was standing with in the crowd was talking to Brian and he seemed like a cool guy, joking around w/ us, very personable. Yet again I was 2 for 2 in meeting really great metal musicians.  No setlist available for the Shadows Fall this time.

Kittie came on after Shadows Fall. Wasn’t all that knowledgeable on Kittie at that time. I knew some of the popular stuff that they played from their Spit album & really didn’t know much off of their 2nd album but still found their set to be enjoyable. They were really good but after seeing Shadows Fall right before them, they proved to be much more enjoyable.  This should be pretty accurate of what they played on this night.

No Name
What I Always Wanted
Do You Think I’m a Whore
In Winter
Mouthful of Poison