#5 – Primer 55/Kidneythieves – 7/16/02


This was day 1 of Foxfest out at Foxtown City Limits. This again will prove to be a very quick review as I really do not remember the specifics of this show very well. I do wish that there would have been more Foxfests out there as it was a lot of fun, close and priced very fairly.

First band I remember on was the band The Color Red. I don’t remember much from them but I recall enjoying them and found out the former drummer of Dope played with them and a promo CD they were giving away was completely clear except for a small part of it where the CD player reads the CD. Still very cool stuff. Never really heard anything from them after that.  Not sure what came of them.

Next band up after that was a band called The Kidneythieves.  I liked what I heard. I also caught my first ever guitar pic and then got my first autograph as after their set they were signing and got a poster signed. They actually had a few decent songs to come out but never really did anything after the Zerospace CD.  I was just so proud of myself to catch my very first guitar pick.  I managed to find a Kidneythieves set online and I am going to assume it is pretty close to correct.

Black Bullet
Taxicab Messiah
Before I’m Dead
CrazyGlitter Gir

Finally Primer came out and they just tore it up. I’m still a fan of their (the) New Release album and they played a lot off of that album. This would prove to be the only time they played the song Tricycle which I always enjoy, the other times after this they never did play it. I still like the song now; it might just be the angry 18 year old still in me…. And that was the first time that I got to hear them do their Beck cover of Loser and I still love it just as much when I hear them do it now. Just a great and random cover for a metal band to do. Primer was a really great nu metal band in their time.  They would get back together for a little bit longer and try to recapture what magic they had.  2016 would prove to be the year that looks like will be the final year for Primer.