#4 – Adema – 6/2/02


So of course they can’t all be bangers and this is my first and definitely not my last example of this.  2002 was still a good year for Nu Metal and Adema was one that really broke into the big time. This was my first time into the massive Remington’s nightclub. And it is still one of my least favorite concert venues of all time and when I found out they were no longer doing shows there I wasn’t the least bit sad. It seemed way too big for what it needed to be & even though I never had any problem with them, the security/bouncers were absolute dicks. Easily the worst I have ever seen.

The reviews for all of these bands will be relatively short as there is not much worth remembering. Audiovent was semi big at the time with their 1 big radio hit which I really don’t even remember at this moment in time. They were really not exciting at all and I’m not even sure at this point they are still even around. Dud.

Somehow Trust Company was also semi big at that time as well thanks to their 1 hit which I think was called Downfall. I’m noticing a pattern now… They were even worse than Audiovent.  Last I heard I think TrustCompany is still currently touring, how they are I have no idea.  Dud number 2 of the night.

Finally the big headliner Adema was out to close the night. They actually had a few more songs than just one. I did enjoy them several years ago but their headliner set was brutal after them playing their popular 3-4 songs. They only had 1 album of material to tour for and they were in a headlining set.  And even from their 1 album a good amount of that were throw away tracks.  You can only do some much I suppose.  Not a noteworthy show to remember.