#3 – Cold/Dope/Flaw – 11/10/01


This is still probably the most brisk outdoor show I have seen over my several years of concert going.  And coincidentally the latest outdoor show I have ever been to in 15+ years of concerts.  My first memory is getting lost as hell trying to find a little hole in the wall venue in an even smaller hole in the wall town (Mulberry, Kansas).  It took me 5 years of going atleast 1-2x a year before I would take the same way twice to find the venue.  For such a chilly evening I bet there was still close to 200 people here which is a fantastic turnout for such an isolated part of the country.

The first band up was an (at that time) unknown band called Flaw.  And they absolutely ripped it up.  In my opinion they were the standout band of the night.  We immediately went and bought their album before we left.  Unfortunately 2002 would probably be the apex of their career as multiple band members, drug use and a lengthy hiatus would derail the band after releasing 2 albums on a major label.  I still try to pay attention to them as they still continue to tour.

Only the Strong
Inner Strength
My Letter
One More Time
Get Up Again
Best I Am

Now the main reason for us to come out and brave the cold (I was of course in shorts, god knows I didn’t learn my lesson from Ozzfest) was to see Dope.  Having first watched the video for Debonaire at the end of an ECW PPV I immediately fell in love.  They were touring for their recently released Life album which was definitely not as strong as Felons and Revolutionaries but still had some good songs. Their set was wonderful from top to bottom.  The highlight of the night was Edsel walking off stage and immediately found himself talking to county sheriffs as soon as he got off stage.  Some nearby neighbor decided to call and complain about the noise and also the language that was being used by Edsel on stage.  Nothing further came of this but thanks to neighbors this would have an effect on future Foxtown shows in the future.  Over 15+ years later and I’m still yet to see Dope again since.  I’m fairly sure Debonaire was played somewhere in the set but I’m not 100% sure.

Everything Sucks
Slipping Away
You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
Now or Never
Fuck tha Police
Die Motherfucker Die

Final band on the evening was Cold and pun totally intended that’s exactly how I felt too by the end of the night.  I still really enjoy Cold but we did not stay super long after Cold started playing.  I was absolutely freezing and that was effecting my enjoyment of Cold.  Which is too bad because alot of what Cold played tonight was not stuff that they really play anymore.  I was not very tough as an 18 year old at all.  Set should be complete but I probably caught like a fourth of it.

End of the World
No One
Send in the Clowns
It’s All Good
She Said

Just Got Wicked