#1 – Papa Roach / Hed (PE) – 12/2/00

Well ,this is where it all got started for me. And surprisingly enough it was in my backyard.  Had this not came into town there’s no telling how many other shows I would have missed.  Came in a rookie & came out a changed man at that point.

I believe there were a total of 4 bands on this bill.  I don’t have the foggiest idea of the first 2.  Came in with reserved seating and thanks to a friend (R.I.P) I was able to get onto the floor and I was in heaven after that.

I also remember, hearing from others that (Hed PE) would be the standout act of the night.  I can’t argue with that because that was the truth.  No idea at all what Hed PE played but Broke just came out and that had a bunch of their biggest hits on it.  I know Bartender got played but don’t remember anything else from that.

Papa Roach was still pretty hot at that time, with Infest having come out around 8 months earlier. They were solid but not as good as Hed PE.   To this day I still hope I can find something helping resemble a setlist for this show. So this probably isn’t the coolest first concert to go to but in no way am I ashamed.  Must have had a good enough time that it kept me wanting to keep coming back and for that both bands hold a special place in my heart for that. Next time is my first road trip for a concert.