#34 – Aerosmith / Cheap Trick – 3/19/04


Coming off my favorite Aerosmith release I was pretty excited for this, granted it was an album that was all covers but the important thing was they were all blues covers and when Aerosmith does the blues that’s what I’ve always thought was their strongest suit.

Even better, they had a great supporting band as well, I didn’t know much of Cheap Trick at that time but was still lookin forward to them. They definitely didn’t let me down at all. As time has gone on I find that I appreciate Cheap Trick even more now. They might not always be flashy but they are one of the most consistent yet underrated bands in rock and roll history. Standard set from Cheap Trick but still solid. Hopefully this won’t be the last time I see them. Yet as of writing this it was still the only time I’ve seen them.

Hello There
Big Eyes
If You Want My Love
Special One
I Want You to Want Me
Dream Police
The Flame
In the Street
Scent of a Woman

Full credit is due to the Honkin On Bobo album for me enjoying this as much as I did. I really do love that album and this was really one of the last times they’d ever play the majority of these songs live again. With the exception of a couple of the poppier/sappier songs this was a really fantastic setlist for someone who had never seen Aerosmith before. Jaded should never be in the set and Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing should never be played ever, let alone as the first song in the encore. Everything else was absolutely phenomenal and Steven Tyler even did his trapeze on stage as well. Out of the 2 times seeing Aerosmith this was easily my favorite performance out of the 2. Stop Messin’ Around was hands down my favorite song on the night as well. Great show, didn’t love the drive all the way down to Little Rock however and probably won’t ever be making that trip again.

Toys in the Attic
Love in an Elevator
Back in the Saddle
The Other Side
Road Runner
Last Child
Stop Messin’ Around
I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)
Livin’ on the Edge
Dream On
Same Old Song and Dance
Baby, Please Don’t Go
Walk This Way
Sweet Emotion
I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing
Train Kept A-Rollin’


#33 – Sevendust / Ill Nino – 1/26/04


So glad that I went and braved the snow that was coming down to make this show. It was an amazing show with 2 of my favorite live bands. The opening band was called Element Eighty. They actually performed on the small stage right outside in the hallway. Sounded pretty good, didn’t know any of their stuff. As far as I know that band ceases to exist anymore so not really much else to comment on.

Now it was time for Ill Nino, and I found this to be one of their better performances that I have ever seen from them.

If You Still Hate Me
I Am Loco
Te Amo…I Hate You
What Comes Around
God Save Us
This Time’s for Real
Drum Solo
How Can I Live

Yet again Sevendust showed why they are one of the most solid touring bands going then or even now. Same thing w/ Ill Nino, everything seemed to be working for the band on this night and crowd was hot as well. Both bands would comment on how we managed to get the windows steamed up w/ the weather from outside. Sevendust has had their ups and downs as far as studio albums go but their live show is still one of the better and most consistent live bands still touring. Still one of the most fun shows I got to see at the old Rockwell.

Broken Down
Angel’s Song

Face to Face

Link to photo album



#32 – A Perfect Circle – 12/11/03


This was another one of those instances where I’m glad I didn’t miss this show.  APC doesn’t tour very regularly and the few shows they do play is definitely not coming to Springfield again. This was the most loaded APC lineup in my opinion.  MJK w/ vocals, Josh Freese who is one of the finer drummers in rock & metal, James Iha formerly of the Smashing Pumpkins and Jeordie White who was formerly and now currently Twiggy Ramirez from Marilyn Manson. No idea who the opening band was, I want to say it might have been crappy modern rock band Silvertide, but I don’t remember nor is it relevant.

Pretty customary stage setup for APC as MJK stayed behind a curtain the whole night. I’m sure at that time I thought it was pretty cool but years later I feel the whole act is really played out.  He’s been doing the same thing for probably close to 20 years hiding in the shadows.  I just wish he would stand at the front of the stage like every other frontman.  I wish I could remember more from this show but the best part was MJK & James Iha when they were telling really bad jokes and Iha had some really bad Michael Jackson joke and it was hilarious and bordering on uncomfortable. That was the most memorable part that I will always take from this show. As far as their set goes I heard everything that I would have wanted to hear. Song of the night for me was finally getting to hear The Package, my all time favorite song. Just an absolutely amazing show. Would have been nice had they had a decent opening band but either way it was still an amazing show, years later and I’m still waiting for another opportunity to see them.  After seeing that they are somehow playing arenas now, the chances of getting to see them play a set that is only their first and second albums for $30 will not ever happen again. Their setlist as follows:

The Hollow
Weak and Powerless
The Package
3 Libras
The Nurse Who Loved Me
The Outsider
The Noose

#31 – Godsmack / Adema – 11/3/03

First time seeing a show at the Shrine in Springfield and it’s a pretty cool looking place on the outside. Inside more or less resembled a high school gym but still I had heard this place has quite the history of hosting huge shows in the early to mid 90s. Since it was ’03 Godsmack was still actually pretty hot, their Faceless album I still found to be a drop off just as it seems like their albums seem to do since their self-titled in the late 90s. Place was pretty packed. Don’t remember who the opening band was at all.

This would prove to be Adema’s last real big tour that they would do w/ their original lineup until almost 6 years later only to break up again and then several years later reunite again. From previous reviews I’ll just repeat the same comment, as a support band they are pretty tolerable.  They can play all their big hits without having to show how thin a good portion of their catalog is.  Not 100% sure of this set but I imagine this  would be a pretty accurate set.

Close Friends
Rip the Heart Out of Me
The Way You Like It
Freaking Out
Giving In

Moving onto our headliner. Even though the Faceless album was the last album that I even remotely enjoyed I will still say that out of all of the modern rock bands still around, Godsmack puts on one of the better live performances.  What I wasn’t expecting was Godsmack to have the best laser show of any show I had seen up to that point and it still one of the better laser shows I have ever seen.  The highlight of the show was the Batalla de los Tambores, Sully comes out on a 2nd drum kit and both drummers play at the same time and alternate.  I would still see Godsmack again if I got the chance.

Bad Religion
Batalla de los Tambores
I Stand Alone

#30 – Andrew WK / Hoobastank – 11/1/03

This was still one of the odder pairings I’d seen in awhile.  Of course for me the only reason I would subject myself to this bill was for Andrew WK.  I don’t care alot for Die Trying and I sure as hell had no interest in Hoobastank at all.

Die Trying just didn’t do a whole lot for me.  They weren’t my favorite opener but they were atleast tolerable enough.

I should have paid better attention to my ticket stub.  In my mind I just figured there’s no way AWK wouldn’t be the headlining band.  Then I saw the keyboard get brought out and that really bummed me out and realized he wouldn’t be headlining like he should.  This was even more awesome this time around because atleast he got a little more time than what he got at Warped a few months back.  Its not just his slogan, when AWK plays everytime it really does feel like a party, everyone is getting onstage, he’s carrying kids around on his shoulders mid song, you get a little bit of everything with AWK.  Unfortunately this would prove to be the highlight of the evening, it would all go downhill after this.

Victory Strikes Again
It’s Time to Party
Take It Off
Girls Own Love
Ready to Die
Your Rules
She Is Beautiful
Never Let Down
Party Till You Puke
We Want Fun
Party Hard
I Get Wet

Somehow Hoobastank headlined.  Yes I realize that their big radio single probably sold more than the entire AWK discography but in 2003 I still thought AWK was a bigger name and Hoobastank didn’t release The Reason until another month after this performance.  The math just didn’t add up to me.  They were every bit as awful as I figured they would be.  They had already adopted their modern rock sound by this point and everything was just boring and bland.  The only thing I will admit to is that Out of Control song from that album was a good single.  Everything else is trash but I will still stand behind that song was a good radio single.  I felt like I was literally the only one on the floor who wasn’t jumping around and going crazy for Hoobastank.  I felt like I was listening to a totally different band than everyone else.  But of course I was not the one who drove so sometimes you just have to take the bullet for your friends. No idea what Hoobastank played outside of Out of Control & Crawling in the Dark.

#29 – Slayer / Hatebreed – 10/11/03

Slayer playing Reign in Blood. Yep. Didn’t give going a 2nd thought. This is still one of the most excited feelings I’d ever had going into a show. Venue was at Memorial Hall which resembled the Memorial Hall in Joplin. Not located in the nicest area in KC. It was also the only other time I would visit this venue.

Opening band was called Hemlock and they were just annoying as shit.  Somehow against my better wishes I’ve found out that they are still touring.  I just don’t understand how or why.

Arch Enemy was the opening band (no I will not count Hemlock).  The crowd really didn’t get into them until they played Ravenous at the very end.  I was not super familiar with them either which still bothers me to this day as this was the one and only time I have seen them.  I loved all of the songs that they played on this tour.  Hopefully in the future I still might have a chance to see them again.  But I’m going on more than 14 years since this so I’m not holding my breathe.

Silent War
Heart of Darkness
We Will Rise
Dead Eyes See No Future
Dead Bury Their Dead

Next up was Hatebreed, crowd was alot more into them than Arch Enemy. They were still just as amazing as they were 6 days ago. Again, no idea on the set as it was changed around all the time on this and other tours. Nothing against Hatebreed but I had seen them several times and they are always solid and enjoyable, it was now finally time for SLAYER!!!!

Its really hard to describe the mood of the inside of that building during Arch Enemy & Hatebreed. But when Darkness of Christ came on the PA the mood of that whole floor took on such a darker feeling than any other show I’ve ever been apart of my entire life.  The crowd just feels different for Slayer than it does for any other band.  I can’t think of much of anything that they really seemed to miss or something else that I wanted to hear from them w/ the exception of playing Seasons In The Abyss but I would get that a couple more times after this so I wasn’t out much at the time. This is still in my top 4 or 5 of loudest shows I’ve ever been to in my lifetime. My ears rang for atleast 2-3 days after this show. Just amazing getting to hear Reign In Blood from beginning to end. This would definitely qualify as one of those life changing shows I’ve ever attended. I’m sure this will sound like blasphemy but I actually left like ¾ in to Raining Blood. I will say the electricity I felt when they were beginning to play Raining Blood and it is something I think everybody should witness atleast once in your life. But I left early because of the parking situation and the fact it is kind of a sketchy neighborhood. When we were going to walk back to my car, it was parked in an almost impossible situation, it was in like a fenced in basketball court and when I got out there I had cars literally everywhere around me, I just backed up and hoped for the best even though I was ready to bump someones car while backing up and hitting someone. And I hit nobody!!!! So proud of myself. Just typical for a Slayer show right? GOD HATES US ALL!

Darkness of Christ
War Ensemble
At Dawn They Sleep
Stain of Mind
God Send Death
Mandatory Suicide
Fight Till Death
Dead Skin Mask
Hell Awaits
South of Heaven
Angel Of Death
Piece By Piece
Altar Of Sacrifice
Jesus Saves
Criminally Insane
Raining Blood


#28 – Hatebreed / Madball – 10/6/03

One of my biggest regrets is I just flat out don’t remember anything from this show.  I’ve looked online for sets and videos and anything else that I could and I just can’t find anything else to help me with.  This lineup was absolutely stacked. Hate Eternal opened, followed by Terror, Madball & Hatebreed. 

Hate Eternal was definitely an odd choice as an opener. Don’t remember anything from them but I know I did definitely enjoy them. It’d be another 7 years before I’d see them again. 

From my foggy memory Terror was the highlight of the show for me. I immediately fell in love with them. My memory tells me I wouldn’t see Terror for another almost 8 years which is way too long. 

I’m sure Madball was cool. I don’t remember them at all but I have always enjoyed Madball and I’d see them several times after this. 

Hatebreed was Hatebreed. Always awesome. I’d see them opening for Slayer the next week in KC.